Best breakfast restaurants in Moscow - Our Top 5

Updated: Feb 19, 2020


Moscow has so many options of great restaurants and cafes that it is often difficult to decide where to go. Since we love to go for breakfast, especially on the weekend with our families and friends, we tested many. Here are our 5 favourite places to go for breakfast in Moscow.

1 - Uilliams

Uilliams is one of our favorite places, not just for breakfast also for lunch and dinner. With its cozy interior, the cool open kitchen, great service and lovely outside seating in summer, it's always great to come back here. For breakfast our favorites are the green pancakes, Sirniki with berries, eggs benedict with salmon and ricotta omelette with truffle. Let us know what’s your favorite. Breakfast is served from 9am to 4pm, and they even offer valet parking. Don't forget to make a reservation since it’s usually busy, especially on weekends.

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Location: Malaya Bronnaya 20А

Metro: Mayakoskaya / Tverskaya / Chekhovskaya


2 - Ugolëk

Ugolëk belongs to the same restaurant group as Uillimas and has the same head chef Luigi Magni. No wonder we enjoy their breakfast as well. But don't worry it's not a copy of Uilliams, it's completely different and has its own style. We love the industry design of the place and the friendly service. Our breakfast favorites are the Shakshuka, the toast with avocado and poached egg and the granola with coconut and caramelised banana. Breakfast is served from 8:30am to 2pm and they also offer valet parking. If you come early, usually you don't need a reservation.

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Location: Bol'shaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa 12

Metro: Tverskaya / Chekhovskaya / Okhotnyy ryad


3 - Blanc

Blanc is also amazing for breakfast. It’s located in Chisty Prudy, in the backyard of an old building. Inside it is really stylish and cozy with all the vintage furniture. In summer they have a lovely outside sitting area, which is bigger then at most places. Our favorite breakfast dishes are the omelet with cheese and edamame, granola with berries, Sirniki and the eggs Benedict with salmon. Breakfast is served from 9am to 2pm. Here you definitely need to make a reservation since it is always packed.

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Location: Khokhlovskiy Pereulok, 7/9 bldg 5

Metro: Kitaygorod


4 - Remy Kitchen Bakery

This bright, colorful place with its stylish interior serves also such an amazing breakfast. It's perfect for early birds, since they start with their breakfast already at 8 am. Our favorite dishes are the zucchini pancakes with stracciatella, the brioche with avocado and poached egg and the freshly baked pastries from the counter, which you can even buy to take home. The breakfast menu is not the biggest, but we like the concept of customizing by ordering extra avocado, eggs, berries or whatever you need. Make sure to make a reservation on weekends.

Location: Malaya Bronnaya, 2

Metro: Tverskaya/ Chekhovskaya


5 - Moloko

Moloko has a completely different style. It looks more like an old french bistro and has a classical restaurant concept. The breakfast is great and the menu huge. Our favorites are the detox smoothies, all three of them are delicious. Definitely also try one of the organic bowls (they look and taste amazing!) and one of the savouries. The restaurant is open all around the clock and serve breakfast during the week days from 7am to 1pm and on weekends from 7am to 3pm. If you come with a bigger group, don't forget to make a reservation.

Location: Ulitsa Bol'shaya Dmitrovka, 7/5, bldg. 5

Metro: Teatralnaya / Chekhovskaya


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