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Organic, Exotic, Delicious - Online Food Stalls

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Esh Derevenskoye - "Eat village food" - is an online store of organic groceries produced at small and middle size farms. For each product you can see its producer's name, their photo and EAC certificate. Some farms even run live streams.

Animals are raised without hormones, and vegetables are grown with no pesticides. You can order poultry - including geese, ducks and quails - all sort of meat, and even wild animals meat - deer, elk and wild bore.

Homemade sweets and cakes are made with natural ingredients and do not contain palm oil. If you like Georgian/Armenian food, pay attention to this section - nutty&fruity healthy sweets.

Some products can be delivered within two hours - they are highlighted by a symbol of a lightning on the product's photo.

Moscow Fresh delivers exotic fruits from Thailand, Peru and Costa Rica by plane.

Seasonal fruits like grapes, pomegranates, apples, plums and pears come from Uzbekistan, Moldova, Azerbaidjan and southern Russia. Vegetable sets of 1.5-2.2 kg - "for cooking", "for a salad" - are a convenient purchase.

Microgreens are well presented, too.

In "Напитки" section freshly squeezed juice id awaiting its customer, and in "Орехи и Сухофрукты" - chestnuts, which are so difficult to find in Russia.

The website is very clearly arranged, and ordering is easy without the need to register. Prices are quite high, but quality is great. The minimal order is 2500 RUB. You can click эко-упаковка to receive your order packed in glass and paper instead of plastic.

This shop sells all kinds of high quality groceries - meat, dairy, eggs, veggies, sweets, but its selection of seafood is especially attractive. Here you can order oysters, crabs, crayfish, scallops and alive sea urchins, many varieties of shrimps, caviar, and snails.

At the end of autumn our bodies urgently claim vitamins. Then berries, wisely frozen in summer, come in handy. With cranberry and cowberry you can make famous Russian sour-sweet "морс" drink, and a kilo of sea-buckthorn will serve for many cups of fragrant hot "облепиховый чай" served in every Moscow cafe.

Prices for berries are indicated for 250 g, 1 kg and 10 kg

Dried berries are good in cakes and can help you out when you feel a desire to chew something sweet.

Moroshka also has a good choice of mushrooms (грибы) - dried, frozen and salted.

M2 Organic Club

This shop grows all its fresh produce on its own farm outside of Moscow. You can order meat, dairy products, eggs and vegetables. The quality is really great and everything is certified organic.

The prices are a bit higher, but it is totally worth it. You can also easily order from their online shop and receive the delivery within 1-2 days.

M2 even has guesthouses on one of its farms which you can rent for a weekend.

Cheese! "Сырный сомелье" (Cheese Somelier) is not only an online cheese shop: theyr have five physical stores around Moscow. They sell rare, crafted Russian cheeses which won medals or prizes at Russian and international cheese contests. Delivery is possible next day or even the same day if the order is placed before noon, and for orders over 2000 rubles it is free. Be aware, that prices indicated for 100 grams.

Camembert, Brie, Gorgonzola, Cheddar, Parmesan, Raclette and other classical types of cheese from Russia, Switzerland, Belarus and some South American countries can be tasted and bought here. The shop also sells confiture, fruit mustard and honey to accompany the cheese.

We arrange Russian cheese tasting with them time to time, follow our Facebook to get informed about the next date.

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