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Updated: Oct 1, 2018

Are you looking for a memory about your life in Moscow, an investment or just something pretty on you wall? Trevor Holmes can help you find interesting art, either specifically for you or by visiting on of his home exhibitions.

"With his artistic background and knowledge, Trevor spots promising young artists from the rest"

In Moscow, Trevor rediscovered his passion in Fine Art. He originally studied Art and began life as a painter before deciding his future was better served by getting a normal job. However, his love of Art has never been extinguished and now he has the resources to indulge his passion and buy artwork he likes.

In 2016 he started looking for young talents whose work he could buy. "In Russia the art market is quite volatile with prices for paintings dramatically increasing when an artist is ‘discovered”. So it’s wise to get in early and if you know what you are looking for then you can pick up great art at affordable prices." Although, he would never suggest buying art only as an investment it is very nice to know that a painting you bought for 800 EUR could be worth several thousand within five years. There is also a practical consideration that it is very difficult to export artwork older than 50years whereas contemporary art just requires a signed paper from the Culture Ministry.


Instagram: Trevorholmesart

mobile +7 (903) 6763050

Photo credits: Trevor Holmes

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