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Uilliam's - cozy Italian

Updated: May 21, 2019


Located in the heart of the trendy Patriarchi Ponds area or Patriki (it is how Russians call it). This restaurant has been very popular for quite some time now. And there is a reason: delicious food is served in a relaxed warm atmosphere and the restaurant's service has never disappointed us. It is nice to bring family and friends to Uilliam's for weekend lunch. At lunch time you have an option to order from two menus: breakfast and main. Do not miss their bruschetta with avocado and poached egg plus extra salmon from the breakfast menu. Uilliam's has an Italian chef Luigi Magni so we can definitely recommend their pastas and risottos: try spaghetti with crab and tomato sauce. Another family favorite is sea buck thorn tea. In spring and summer try to get a table by the open windows or find some space on their porch on the street. It is a great spot to zip your coffee and watch trendy people passing by. The restaurant is quit small and very popular so please book in advance and ask for a table in the main room which is more lively.

Location: Malaya Bronnaya 20A

Metro: Tverskaya

Photo credits: restaurant Facebook page

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