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Update your furs to a modern look


Furs will appear on Moscow streets with the first snow. If you inherited a fur coat or maybe bought one years ago, you will probably not feel modern wearing it. So did we with our inherited coats before we discovered the fur remake studio Masterskaya Meha.

The studio has a nice young manager called Nadezhda who helped us to find a new style for our coats. We could try different coat models made in fabric to identify a preferred model.  Thereafter, seamstresses checked condition of our furs and then cleaned them before working with them.  After two fittings and three weeks our fur coats were ready. One fur coat got a completely new look from wide shoulders 80s style to a modern and neat silhouette. For the second coat we just changed the lining to get a more modern look. This studio has different locations in Moscow, but we recommend the one we tried and liked.

If you mention Moscowliving you will get 10% discount on the work cost.

Location: Fadeeva street 4A, call 7 925 177 60 89 for appointment

Metro: Maykovskaya, Novoslobodskaya

Photo credits: private and Masterskya meha.

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