Usachevsky market - all favourites in 1

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

There a many food market options in Moscow and probably location determines which one you go to. Usachevsky is smaller than the usual food market, but that makes the atmosphere even better. For us it stands out in terms of food & dining options. Fresh meat, cheese, fruit&veggies, fresh Georgian Lavash bread, Spanish hams freshly sliced and shop-in-shops with specialty products like Asian, vegan, wines and more.

And we especially loved their dining selection with many of our favourite places in one: Pinzeria bon Tempi (best pizza in town), Cirovarnya, a Vietnamese Pho stand and our new best sushi place: Rybasushioysters! Freshest sushi we had in Moscow. And many more, we haven't tried them all (yet), but will definetely be back with the family to do an extensive food tasting in this cozy, high quality market! Also some places have restaurant seating and the place has great outdoor seating in summer.

Location: Usacheva Ulitsa 26

Metro: Sportivnaya

Photo credits: restaurant Facebook page & self made

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