Uzbekistan ceramics - 15% discount

Don't you just love the colorful Uzbekistan & Polish ceramics? We can't get enough of the large plates, small platters, little bowls and cups. Unfortunately there's a lot of fake Chinese plates on the market and you need to know where to buy the best quality pottery.

Therefore we recommend a store on Izmailova market in a shop "Happy Pottery", run by Andrey. Although his shop is small, he has a wide selection and can also bring items on request from his storage. Since going to Izmailova can be quite time consuming we suggest you take a look at his website and order online. You can ask him about the quality, different colors, modern style platters etc.

If you you mention "moscowliving" you'll get 15% discount!

Location: Izmailova market

Photo credits: Facebook page Happy Pottery

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