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Velobike - city bike rental

This is a very convenient way for a short&efficient commute from a metro station to a specific location if there is a nearby parking station. But you can also use it for leisure to bike around in one of Moscow's nice parks. There are 380 parking locations so the density of the bike network is good.

The initial setup costs a few minutes, but if you do the registration at home this will save you some time. Also check up front where the parking locations are to decide if this is a convenient way of transport for you.

1- register on their website or on their mobile app "velobike moscow" (name, surname, mobile and email address)

2- you can add your trojka number if you have a pass (to make login at the bike easier)

3- you will receive a login & pin by SMS after registration

4- check the nearest bike parking on the website or on the app

5- select your "plan" at "money cabinet" and select "choose option "for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month base fee. Enter your card details to complete the base payment

6- press the power button on a bike and press 1 and then enter your login & pin, or 2 and tap your trojka card and then your pin to release the bike

7- see variable prices below in blue box (first 30 min free, 2 hours 100 RB etc.)

8- when you return the bike just put it back in a lock and wait for the confirmation. You'll get a confirmation message with the prices per SMS

Picture credits: Tripadvisor & Velobike

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