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We love discovering Moscow by foot. Even though we know the city quite well, on a walking tour with a guide you'll see&hear many interesting details which you'd never seen before and which will give you a better understanding of and appreciation for this wonderful city.

After a successful "history" series we now developed an "architecture" series, together with the local company Strelka Travel. The focus will be on architectural styles of neighborhoods and buildings. You sign up for a series of 2 walks which will take place in September every other week on Thursdays. The walks will start at 10.00 and end around 12.00. Below you'll see the dates & the high level information of the tour.

We need a minimum of 5 participants and we only have 10 spots, so please email to tips@moscowliving.org if you'd like to participate or if you have more questions.

We hope to see you on this tour!

Regular price 3000RB for 2 walking tours, now only 2600RB!


Thursday September 6th

From Medieval to Constructivism + Pashkov House exclusive visit

Take a walk through the city center where you will be able to see a range of architectural styles including Russian Medieval, Russian classicism, Baroque, Modern style, and Constructivism. On your way you will pass many examples of these styles such as the TASS building (the Soviet information agency), the Moscow Conservatory, and the Moscow University Church of St. Tatiana.

The highlight of the tour is a guided visit to the “Baroque in Stone” -Palace of the nobleman Pashkov.

Meeting point: Nikitskiye Vorota


  • TASS building (the Soviet information agency)

  • Neo-Russian edifice of the Theatre of Mayakovsky;

  • Anglican Church of St. Andrew;

  • Russian Orthodox of Resurrection;

  • Private house of James Bruce;

  • Conservatory of Peter Tchaikovsky;

  • The University Church of St. Tatyana;

  • Russian State Library;

  • Pashkov’s House.

NB! Exclusive entrance to Pashkov House - compliment from Strelka Travel


Thursday September 20th

Art Nouveau in Moscow + visit to Ryabushinsky Mansion

See the “collection” of masterpieces of one of the most renowned modern architects of Moscow Fyodor Shekhtel. Learn about the influence of modern style on the works of the famous Russian writers and poets, such as Mayakovsky, Bulgakov, Block and etc. Visit one of the most famous modern style buildings in Moscow and explore the unusual interior of the Ryabushinsky Mansion.

Meeting point: Mayakovsky monument in the Triumphalnay square

Tour guide will take you to the following places:

  • “cauldron” of the apartment house of Michael Bulgakov;

  • Modern buildings around the Patriarchs’ Ponds;

  • Levinson Printing House;

  • Gothic Morozov Mansion;

  • Alexander Block Monument;

  • Tolstoy’s Residence;

  • Ryabushinsky Mansion (group shall explore the wonderful halls, rooms and a hidden church inside this building);

NB! Entrance to Ryabushinsky mansion - 500ru extra per person


Photo credits: Strelka travel & Tripadvisor

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