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Zaryadye park - views & entertainment

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

This is Moscow's newest park in Kitay-Gorod, behind the Red Square. The location is stunning and standing on the virtual bridge gives you the best pictures of Moscow's skyline, both night&day. Don't forget to stroll along the three beautifully recently renovated picturesque churches on the edge of the park, it is nice to come in inside too. Or make a visit to the Chambers of the Romanovs Boyars, a small museum The park itself is very nicely done with each area representing different flora from whole Russia. You will enjoy an outdoor amphitheater, restaurants, a museum and a Media Center with several entertaining activities for young&old. At night you can combine Zaryadye park with a great concert in their modern Concert Hall. We can especially recommend to do the "Flight over Moscow" and newly launched "Flight over Russia", which run every 30 minutes and last 20 minutes in the Media Center. They are for ages 6 and up, and will provide kids and grown ups with a very interesting & beautiful experience by seeing Moscow and Russia from the air. It is very smart to buy tickets in advance because these activities sell very quickly. Booking opens one day ahead and has a few time slots for sale, the remaining slots can only be purchased on the the day directly in the park. There are two good options for lunch: "Gastronomic center " and more upscale restaurant Voskhod. Gastronomic center consists of different food corners representing Russian cousin, ask waiters where to sit so you can make an order from any of the restaurants. Gastronomic Center and Voskhod have great terraces in the summer. Zaryadye is a perfect cultural & relaxing outing with your family or visitors!

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Photo credits: the Moscow Times

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