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Zhemсhuga - yummy desserts&lunch

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

COZY AT DEPO - LUNCH WITH A FRIEND - COOL DESSERTS - HEALTHY OPTIONS If we take our families out to Depo food market or go there with a group of friends we eat at different food stalls as a rule. So that everybody will get what they want and stay happy. But if we come to Depo to pick up our favorite food and meet a friend for lunch we would be looking for a relaxed atmosphere, more sophisticated food and service. If this is the case - we would definitely go to cafe Zhemchuga (means Pearls in Russian). Zhemchuga is great for breakfast - their coffee and breakfast options are very good. You can also have a healthy lunch there, or a more substantial lunch, it is all up to you. Or just come for desserts - they look and taste amazing. If you like the traditional Russian honey cake (Medovik) you can have a 18 cm tall piece of cake at Zhemchuga, it is recommended to share with a friend or ask for a take out. The dessert display window looks like a small cool art exhibition in itself, we have not tried them all - but it is on our to-do-list :-) Zhemchuga is a small oasis at the busy Depo if you are looking for privacy, service and great food.

Location: Depo Food Market close to the right main entrance (Lesnaya str 20)

Metro: Belorysskaya

Photo credits: Zhemchuga Facebook page and Tripadvisor

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