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Zoopark - Moscow Zoo

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The downtown setting of this zoo is amazing as you're surrounded by Moscows skyscrapers. The downside of it's location that there is hardly any parking, so come by metro!

The first time we went here it was a bit of a shock. The cages were quite small, uninspiring, not very safe and many of the animals were not present. But when you cross the bridge to the new part this impression changes. Here there are nice and spacious habitats for the animals both indoor&outdoor and you will see some nice exotic animals like giraffe's, monkey's and polar bears.

Children under 17 are free and an adult ticket costs 500RB. If you want to avoid the lines buy your ticket in advance online on their website. If you want to see their aquarium you have to pay separately in the zoo.

TIP! Go for lunch across the entrance at Zoo beer&Grill!

Photo credits: Wikimedia, Pinterest & Genius

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